Friday, March 1, 2013

CKK #40

image Shroud of Turin from google

Dear haiku friends you are invited to participate in The Caribbean Kigo Fortieth Kukai (the first for year 2013) The kigo is shroud
Send one haiku using shroud e-mail to


under shroud of dawn
Good Friday processions
start a holy day

-- gillena cox

Deadline for sending entries is March 10th 2013
Deadline for sending votes is March 20th 2013

A voting list will be e-mailed to all players

Votes to be scored using a total of 6points; voters must use all 6 points

the example given is just one of several ways you can allot you points

Comments during voting are encouraged but must be limited to 3 lines. When published, these comments and votes will be given anonymous listings.

Ballots:(votes and comments) to be sent by e-mail to

The results will be published here at Caribbean Kigo Kukai
After results have been posted, any comments you wish to make can be posted directly here at the blog just click on comments at the end of the post

much love


  1. Surely March 1 is an error?

  2. Surely Bill thank you i have edited and corrected to read 10th March

    much love...

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