Friday, January 22, 2010

Re: Caribbean Kigo Kukai #9 - an apology

new year's lunch
the sunpatch on the plate
of a belated guest
--Jacek Margolak; POLAND

The haiku above was sent to me from Jacek Margolak - Saturday, January 02, 2010 7:34 AM
yet by my mistake it was not listed, and subsequently not voted in the kukai.
Dear Jacek my apologies.
Please do not let this deter you from future participation

much love
gillena; Kukai Coodinator


  1. Jacek Margolak san,
    Thank you for your jointing to #9 kukai.
    I have enjoyed your haiku.
    Sunpatch is rare and fresh word. This is the key of your haiku.
    Anyway wonderful!!


  2. I included your haiku in my small translation-set:

    So you got my 'post-points', too !-)

    I agree with Sakuo; found and discussed that same sunpatch...

  3. This one gets my vote. An excellent haiku! The sunpatch reminds me of the light of expectation for the guest who has not yet arrived. Or the sunshine itself as the belated guest.

  4. Dear Sakuo san,
    I be glad that my haiku poem appealed to you and very thanks for your warm words.
    Jacek M.

  5. Juhani Tikkanen,

    I thank for translation my haiku poem.

    Jacek M.

  6. Dear Cindy,

    Thank you for your comments--very much appreciated.

    best wishes,