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CKK #36 Results

(None of the comments are from the kukai coordinator. Comments and votes of the players are anonymously stated)

Players: 1. Caude Lopez-Ginisty, Switzerland; 2. John Daleiden, Phoenix, Arizona in the Sonoran Desert; 3. Pat Geyer, East Brunswick, New Jersey, USA; 4. William Kenney, USA; 5.Christine L. Villa California, USA; 6. Gheorghe Postelnicu , Romania; 7. Rita Odeh, Nazareth, Israel; 8. Keith A. Simmonds, T & T; 9. Dan Iulian, Romania; 10. Ralf Bröker, Germany; 11. Michelle Angelini, USA; 12. Bouwe Brouwer, The Netherlands; 13. Alegria Imperial, Canada; 14. Cara Holman, USA; 15. John McDonald, Scotland; 16. Robert Kania, Poland; 17. Franklin Magalhaes; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; 18. Ailoaei Cristina, Botosani City Romania; 19. Asni Amin, Singapore; 20. Linda Hofke, Germany; 21. Cezar-Florian Ciobîca, Romania; 22. Cristina-Monica Moldoveanu, Romania


graduation day
I fold my program
into a fan
--Cara Holman
Votes:*93*** Points: 27
Comments: A real haiku's (rarer than you 'd think) .


graduation march . . .
floating among the clouds
my mother's smile
--Christine L. Villa (California, USA)
Votes:251*** Points: 15


Graduation parade -
even the flowers
craning their necks
-- John McDonald, Scotland;
Votes:322*** Points: 13
Comments :

tassles dangle
expectations and hopes hang
--Linda Hofke, Germany
Votes:213*** Points: 13
Comments : this encapsulates how high school graduates feel - or at least how I felt - I was leaving one world to "conquer" another, but with quite a bit of uncertainty


High school graduation-
This commencement is an end
Yet life just begins
--claude lopez-ginisty
Votes:*1**** Points: 02
Comments: Yes, life for graduates is just beginning. It will be the first time, when they leave
home that they will be on their own, but it is also a beginning of a different life for their parents.

in caps and gowns--
sunlight brightens in the door
of a new garden
--John Daleiden, Phoenix, Arizona in the Sonoran Desert
Votes:2***** Points: 02
Comments: I like the idea of graduation being a garden. The graduates are flowers growing in another part of life.

high school
caps four years ~
--Pay Geyer, USA
Votes:****** Points: 00
Comments :

graduation day
the promises they make
to themselves
Votes:32**** Points: 07
Comments: Yes, the promises. So many of us were so sure that we would make it away from home and at school - out in the world away from the safe halls.

along the life's pathWAY
the HIGH school graduation
opens the HIGHWAY
Votes:****** Points: 00
Comments :

wind gust-
most of the graduates scurry
after their caps
--Rita Odeh Nazareth, IL
Votes:31**** Points: 05
Comments :

young eager faces
all in rapt attention ...
graduation speech
--Keith A. Simmonds
Votes:****** Points: 00
Comments :

old graffiti-
on highschool wall two hearts
still entwinned
--Dan Iulian, Romania
Votes:53**** Points: 11
Comments :

graduation day
the head girl contradicts
her headmaster
--Ralf Bröker, Germany
Votes:13**** Points: 07
Comments: The final rebellion - one that will not be punished. Maybe a look into the future of leadership?

Changed society
Students get their diplomas
Growing up faster
--Michelle Angelini
Votes:****** Points: 00
Comments: Reminds me of the Bob Dylan song, sung by the Byrds – My Back Pages – “…I was so much older then, I’m younger than that now….” Kids grow up too fast in today’s world.

explaining grandfather
how to download photos -
graduation day
Votes:3*1*** Points: 06

little girl
sleepy on her false lashes
high school graduation
--Alegria Imperial, Canada
Votes:1***** Points: 01
Comments :

happy end
of high school education -
I dream of high life
--Robert Kania, Poland
Votes:1***** Points: 01
Comments: Don't all graduates dream of a high life after leaving high school? Maybe some are more motivated to accomplish just that.

Hoods into the air -
out of sight of parents
a party with friends
----Franklin Magalhaes
Votes:1***** Points: 01
Comments :

Graduation day -
through the halls of my high school
all the memories
--Ailoaei Cristina,
Votes:41***** Points: 06
Comments: Reading this poem, I can still see the halls of my high school in my mind. Leaving them felt so wonderful, but now years later, they were a time to grow.

high school graduation -
the same stage
and butterflies
--asni amin
Votes:2***** Points: 02
Comments :

graduation day...
dandelion fluff guiding
our dreams to sky
--Cezar F. Ciobîca
Votes:31***** Points: 05
Comments :

graduation day -
exam results papers
melting in the rain
--Cristina-Monica Moldoveanu
Votes:111*** Points: 06
Comments: On that day, all the hard work of classes, studying, and exams is washed away by tears of joy at the accomplishment of leaving school and moving ahead into another part of life.

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  1. Twenty two players submitted and voted in this kukai; thanks to all of you for making this kukai a success. Next kukai, #37, starts August 1st; details will be posted at the blog

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