Saturday, November 3, 2012

Happy Holidays 2012-13

Dear haiku friends
Kukai No 39 was the last for this year 2012. We rest in November and December.

I have been prompted several times over this year for a Poets Choice Kukai; so what i will do is collect the first 100 winners from when our kukai started and prepare a list for Poets Choice; however, this kukai will happen in 2013 .

We will begin the year 2013 with a Poets Choice Kukai; after which, we will continue with our monthly themes

Remember in December/January The Twelve Days Of Christmas' at Lunch Break i welcome your participation; and will remind you later again this year about it

much love
gillena cox

Founder/co-ordinator Caribbean Kigo Kukai


  1. May I suggest that for the poets' choice kukai, the rule that 3 points is the maximum one may assign to a single poem be followed? This rule is otherwise common (universal?) in kukai. In a few instances, results of the CKK have been distorted by one person assigning 6 points to one poem; here in the US, we call that stuffing the ballot box.

  2. Thank you Bill i will remember to include this in the Poets Choice Kukai; Happy Holidays

    much love

  3. I agree with Bill. Wondered this same six-points "politics" too. And if a voter thinks there is only one text to give his/her points, so let's that be max 3 point, and just once?

    Also if there is none "good" text, so why not allow not to vote.

    Sometimes I counted the points from Shiki Kukai voting and I think there is quite often many voters didn't vote at all? So what?

  4. Hello,
    I have made small summary of CKK in 2012 (# 31-39)taking into account places it the top three

    1. Bill Kenney, USA 3 0 1
    2. Bouwe Brouwer, Ned 1 2 0
    3. Cara Holman, USA 1 1 1
    Marleen Hulst, Ned 1 1 1

    1. USA (5 haijins) 5 3 2
    2. Ned (2) 2 3 1
    3. Rom (5) 1 1 3

    more at my blog

    Robert Kania

  5. Thank you for your thoughts on this; certainly i will remember to note this in our Poets Choice

    Happy Holidays

    much love...

  6. Robert, this is so thoughtful and kind of you

    Happy Holidays

    much love...