Monday, August 1, 2016


CKK AUGUST SPECIAL - August is steel pan month in Trinidad and Tobago

Dear haiku friends, Welcome to our special kukai; for August is steel pan month in Trinidad and Tobago
I propose 'the music invites you in' as our theme. e-mail one haiku, written in the form of your choice, emphasizing the theme 'the music invites you in'; Have fun, be creative. Enjoy!

sassy flag waver
her body music driven -
sweet sounds of steel pan

--gillena cox

Deadline for sending entries is August 10th 2016

A voting list will be e-mailed to all players
Deadline for sending votes is August 20th 2016

Votes to be scored using a total of 6 points; voters must use all 6 points

the example given is just one of several ways you can allot your points

Comments during voting are encouraged but must be limited to 3 lines. When
published, these comments and votes will be given anonymous listings.
e-mail your vote and comments

The results will be published here at Caribbean Kigo Kukai on April 21st 2016. After results have been posted, any
comments you wish to make can be posted directly here at the blog just click on comments at the end of the post

much love

following the lead of Franklin Magalhaes I will pledge a copy of my book Moments; which will be posted by snail mail, to the winner of this Kukai.

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