Friday, March 10, 2017


Nowhere can man find a quieter or more untroubled retreat than in his own soul
-- Marcus Aurelius

In order to understand the world, one has to turn away from it on occasion
-- Albert Camus


Dear haiku friends,
In the fever and agitation of modern life, the need of meditation and spiritual repose impresses itself on the soul, which desires to reflect on its eternal destiny. During the Season of Lent, many Christians pursue this practice of retreat.

How does the practice of retreat fit into your culture or lifestyle? Please share in haiku.

Welcome to our special CKK Anniversary kukai 2017; [The very first CKK kukai was held in March 2009]
I propose retreat as our theme. e-mail one haiku, written in the form of your choice, emphasizing the theme of retreat

Have fun, be creative. Enjoy!

Haiku Example:-
rainforest retreat -
a call to union in male
cicadas singing
--gillena cox

Deadline for sending entries is March 17th 2017
Deadline for sending votes is April 2nd 2017

A voting list will be e-mailed to all players

Votes to be scored using a total of 6 points; voters must use all 6 points

the example given is just one of several ways you can allot your points

Comments during voting are encouraged, but must be limited to 3 lines. When published, these comments and votes will be given anonymous listings.

e-mail your vote and comments

The results will be posted here at CCK. After results have been posted, any comments you wish to make can be posted directly here at the blog just click on comments at the end of the post

much love

Ana Drobot is pledging a free gift copy of her book 'Japanese Thoughts'; which will be posted by snail mail, to the winner of this Kukai.


  1. I'm in, Gillena. So send a haiku to you in an email and vote after you compile them here?

    1. Submissions are emailed in; a complete and anonymous list of all the poems submitted, is emailed to each player for votes and comments. Only results will be blogged here.

      Thank you for your interest in CKK Bekkie


  2. Best wishes with your competition and great haiku fun!

  3. It's sent! Can't wait to read. Love, Bekkie

    1. I have received your submission Bekkie, thank you for taking part in the kukai

      much love...

  4. So sorry to not enter this ~ life interrupts at times ~

    Best Wishes for this event ~ love ~ ^_^

  5. Best wishes with your competition and great haiku fun!
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